General plumbing is one of our core and specialist services that Arden Sewers and Drains has to offer and because of our long and successful experience in the industry we are one of the few companies able to offer a guaranteed rapid response along with professional workmanship. Our highly motivated and dedicated team is friendly and responsive and has passion in the jobs they undertake. Once the job is completed to your satisfaction they have the common courtesy to clean up after themselves and also make sure that any accumulated waste and packaging is disposed of after the job.


Leak detection and repair

Concealed leaks in any location can be notoriously difficult to detect. Once the symptoms have shown themselves, the cost and disruption associated with its precise location can be considerable. Traditional trace and access methods often result in avoidable damage with little guarantee that the leaks source will be found.

Using the latest proven techniques, our engineers can localize the source of any leak quickly and accurately, minimizing trial holes, restoration costs and repair times. Arden Sewers and Drains Plumbing Leak Detection offers nationwide leak detection and repair service. We also provide detection only services to property managers, facilities engineers, insurance providers and building services contractors.

Upon completion of the water leak detection a report containing specification and cost or repairs is sent to the client, we will in most instances quantify the water losses and report the monetary value. In some instances the client may not have drawings of the underground water mains, in which case we carry water pipe tracing equipment for both plastic and metal. Upon receipt of approval we excavate, repair and reinstate all surfaces disturbed.